Our Service

We have the long-term cooperation with most of the world famous electronic components manufacturers to ensure that the source of raw materials and stable supply of quality. 

15+ years experience brought us a range of abilities to manage throughout process of electronics PCB manufacturer, PCB assembly, technical analysis, prototype, volumn production and logistics. Unique sense of offering outstanding services is our label in winning international marketplace.Your various volume production could be processed by our dedicated engineers.

T.Y.Z strives to continuously exceed incremental clients' expectations by offering electronic manufacturing services in highest quality through positive attitude of cooperation, workflow innovation and enhancing improvements. We are your reliable partner of choice for printed circuit board fabrication and assembly, quick PCBA prototype, whole product building and other quick-turn or volume manufacturing services, by our dedication to our clients with delivery of high quality of products.

T.Y.Z also own high capability of PCB assembly (4 million spot daily) to enable your order in quick turnover. With all engineers knowhow, pratical experience and an outside perspective, we can control manufacturing process and quality assurance and help you solve PCBA problem fast, cost effectively and without hassle.

Support smart products OEM & ODM service,can design and develop smart products according to customers' customized needs, and provide smart solutions for the whole house.

Assist customer to create their own APP based on TUYA platform and run on the smart products successfully.